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The high speeds at which cars and trucks travel on highways and interstates often mean that more catastrophic injuries or fatalities result than in car accidents on City streets or neighborhood roads. With offices in Pittsburgh and meeting locations in Washington and Greensburg, Pennsylvania, the Western Pennsylvania law office of Joyce & Bittner, has attorneys with the experience and skills necessary to understand the complex nature of highway collisions and the legal issues which may be involved.

We take on the process of investigating the accident and pursuing liability so that our clients can concentrate on their recovery, without having to deal with the bureaucratic headaches created by insurance companies. Our meticulous investigation allows us to build strong, compelling cases for our clients. Contact our personal injury and wrongful death lawyers at Joyce & Bittner to discuss your case and how we can help.

Over 25 Years of Experienced Representation for Clients

Each of our personal injury lawyers offers more than 25 years of experience including complex motor vehicle accident claims. We work with consulting experts, such as accident reconstruction specialists, traffic and highway engineers, vehicle design experts and other highly trained and experienced individuals to analyze every aspect of a collision. We will analyze the cause of the crash and the contributing factors. Serious highway collisions often involve unique issues, such as:

  • Defective road design
  • Bridge, Ramp or other highway related design defects
  • Defective automobile, tractor trailer, bus or other vehicle parts
  • Negligent maintenance of the road or surrounding property
  • Negligent maintenance of the cars, trucks or other vehicles involved
  • Fatigued commercial (CDL) truck drivers
  • Unqualified commercial (CDL) truck drivers or CDL operators with problem driving histories
  • Median girder or guardrail defects

We help the victims of accidents on all the major highways, where accidents are often very severe and involve multiple vehicles, such as the Pennsylvania Turnpike, Interstate 80, Interstate 79, Interstate 279, Interstate 376, Interstate 76, Interstate 95, Route 28, Route 51, Route 8 and other highways, turnpikes and interstates. Some roads such as Interstate 70, were never designed for the heavy traffic and large trucks they now carry and are therefore inadequate and dangerous for all motorists.

Our attorneys handle highway accidents involving vehicles that cross the center median and collide with oncoming traffic; semi-tractor trailer trucks that cross into other lanes, fish tail or jackknife; driver fatigue; equipment failure; drunk drivers and other driver errors.

If you or a loved one suffered a serious injury, such as a spinal cord injury in a highway crash, or a member of your family died in a fatal traffic accident, our attorneys are committed to helping you recover fair compensation. We seek compensation for lost wages, medical expenses, funeral expenses, pain and suffering and other compensable damages.

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We handle personal injury and wrongful death claims involving traffic accidents which occurred on all major Pennsylvania highways and interstates, such as I-279, I-579, I-376, I-95, I-80, HWY 22, HWY 30 and other roadways.