Pennsylvania Residents Involved In The Recent Tragic Vehicle Pile Up On Interstate 75 In Florida

Pennsylvania and Out-of-State Drivers Injured in The I-75 Traffic Pileup

High speed multiple vehicle interstate accidents like the recent accident in Gainesville, Florida are often initiated by poor driving conditions. However, the severity and magnatute of the disaster is almost always made worse by driver or equipment error.

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Due to the high concentration of visitors to Florida, major highway accidents typically involve victims who reside in another state or foreign country. These accidents by there very nature involve multiple drivers and passengers, and therefore involve multiple insurance companies, insurance investigators, trucking companies, and law enforcement agencies. None of these agencies are looking out for the interest of any particular person. However, the conclusions they reach and the evidence they preserve could effect the rights and benefits of many of the individual victims. Law Firms like Joyce & Bittner are designed to protect the interest of the individual victim when no one else will. Victims in accidents like this have too much to lose to not look out for their own interest.

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