Motorcycle Accident Injury Attorney in Pittsburgh

Pennsylvania Bike Crash Lawyer

At the Pittsburgh personal injury law firm of Joyce & Bittner, our lawyers have the experience and investigative resources necessary to provide first-class client service in motorcycle accident litigation of all kinds. We represent motorcycle riders of all ages and levels of experience who have suffered injuries on bikes ranging from small Hondas and Suzukis to Hogs, Triumphs, Harley-Davidsons, and highly customized bikes. For a free consultation about our ability to pursue compensation for you if you have been hurt in a serious motorcycle accident, contact our attorneys. We have a principal office in downtown Pittsburgh but we will travel to all Pennsylvania locations including Greensburg, Latrobe, Somerset, Washington, Johnstown, Beaver, Indiana, Mercer, Erie, Harrisburg, State College, Philadelphia, and Scranton in representing our clients in motorcycle injury claims and court cases.

Motorcycle accidents often involve very serious injuries to the head, back, pelvis, or knees, and it can take years to make a full recovery. Severe lacerations and burns are also characteristic of motorcycle crashes given the exposed position of the rider. The high likelihood that a collision will often involve two or more severe impacts, serious and disabling injuries can occur at very low speeds or, when a bike rider is struck by a negligent motorist while standing still at a light or other stop. At Joyce & Bittner, our understanding of both the technical aspects and the human dimensions of motorcycle accidents can give you a significant advantage in presenting your claim for damages against the responsible parties.

Our motorcycle accident lawyers are also experienced with the proof of liability against the drivers at fault. Our investigators often find that the drivers of automobiles, SUVs, and pickups fail to see the motorcyclist until it’s too late to avoid a collision. The increasing use of cell phones and other distracting technology complicates the problems of visibility and driver inattention even further.

Given the long convalescence and multiple surgeries that are often required for serious motorbike crash injuries, our accident compensation lawyers are careful to develop a full understanding of your injuries and treatment requirements before making a demand for settlement or damages. In some cases, it might take a year or more to get a clear idea of what your physical rehabilitation will involve. Because our objective is always to make the maximum financial recovery possible for you, we ensure that we can document and present your claim as completely and accurately as we can. At Joyce & Bittner, we also represent the surviving families of persons killed in motorcycle accidents in wrongful death lawsuits.

For additional information about our ability to protect your rights and pursue your claim for compensation, contact an experienced motorcycle accident attorney at our Pittsburgh law firm.