Pennsylvania Motorcycle Insurance Law

Understanding information necessary to operate and register a moped, motor-driven cycle or motorcycle in Pennsylvania.

Specific definitions and criteria are listed below to assist in determining the proper procedures for operating the particular vehicle in question. Please note that a motor-driven cycle must exhibit a motorcycle plate when driven.

Owners of these types of vehicles are required to acknowledge the Financial Responsibility Statement and provide insurance information. PennDOT will be unable to renew or transfer a registration, if the self certification of financial responsibility is not completed on the registration application, as follows:

  • Name of the insurance company insuring the vehicle.
  • The policy number, effective date and expiration date of the insurance policy.

A motorized scooter is a 2-wheeled vehicle powered by an engine or an electric motor and does not have a seat or saddle for the driver. These vehicles are not exempt from titling and registration requirements as set forth by PennDOT and would be required to pass equipment standards and inspection requirements.

However, these vehicles do not comply with the equipment standards and inspection requirements for motor vehicles, and cannot be titled or registered within the Commonwealth. In addition, these vehicles cannot be operated on Pennsylvania roadways or sidewalks.

Also, PennDOT does not title and register all-terrain vehicles (ATV). Application for title and registration for ATV-type vehicles must be submitted to the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR), Snowmobile and ATV Licensing Unit, P.O. Box 8553, Harrisburg, PA 17105-8553. ATVs may not be reconstructed for highway use and may only be used off road. ATVs used exclusively for farm purposes are not titled or registered by DCNR or PennDOT. A multi-purpose agricultural vehicle, which is also an ATV, is exempt from registration.