Do I need a Lawyer for a Pittsburgh Dog Bite?

pittsburgh dog biteDo I need a Lawyer for a Pittsburgh Dog Bite?

By:J & B

Every Pittsburgh Dog Bite is Dangerous

How many times have you heard someone tell you that their dog ,“would never bite anyone”?

However, all such a dog owner can truly say is , “my dog hasn’t bit anybody yet”.

Pittsburgh is full of dog owners. We share our homes and our lives with dogs. The trails in the parks and streets of Pittsburgh communities are swarming with dog walkers. There are now dog parks being built to fence in a specific area for your dog to play with other dogs, at your own risk.

Worst Case Scenario for a Pittsburgh Dog Bite

Too many times a dog that is perceived, by its owner and those who are familiar to it, to be passive and friendly will bite or attack another dog or even a person. When a Pittsburgh dog bite or attack occurs there is unfortunately often severe bodily harm and/or disfigurement. Medical and veterinary bills can be financially devastating. The entire situation can be traumatic and overwhelming to the victim and pet owner.

The Legal Ramifications of a Pittsburgh Dog Bite

In these cases there are clear laws and rights. A victim of a dog attack has legal rights. Medical costs as well as pain and suffering can be awarded to victims who seek the counsel of a lawyer that handles dog bite cases in Pittsburgh. An attorney knowledgeable in law surrounding negligent pet owner and liability for dog attacks will represent you and help you determine how to move forward with legal actions.

There are no winners in a dog attack or Pittsburgh dog bite case. The pet owner and the victim both share a burden. In order to avoid dog bites and attacks keep your pet on a leash and muzzled, when in public.
Never assume that a dog will never bite.

If you are a victim of a Pittsburgh dog bite, contact a personal injury attorney from Joyce & Bittner at (412) 281-9919.