New Technology for Pittsburgh Potholes

Pittsburgh potholes

The War on Pittsburgh Potholes

Pittsburgh potholes are some of a driver’s worst nightmares. They can wreck havoc on your car’s shocks and suspension and the jolts can cause your car to veer off its normal path — even into an accident. Additionally, they can be hazardous to a pedestrian crossing the street.  Pittsburgh is trying out a new strategy in the battle against potholes. Hopefully, it will help create safer roads for Pittsburgh drivers and pedestrians.

New Technology Fights Pittsburgh Potholes

The normal process to fix potholes throughout the United States is based on dry asphalt. As the TribLIVE article states, this is because most cities can only get hot asphalt from a plant in warm weather.

In comes a new mobile asphalt truck that mixes premium-grade asphalt on site. This truck is the first of its kind to be used in North America, and the hot mix will create a longer-lasting patch that will not require the same frequency of maintenance as the dry patches (which are fixed many times in between being resurfaced).

Fewer Pittsburgh Potholes Means Safer Roads

If successful, this new truck could make a significant impact on Pittsburgh drivers. First, it would reduce the amount of large trucks and workers on the roads since Pittsburgh potholes would not need to be fixed as often. Second, the fixed potholes themselves would make for a smoother and safer ride in your card. Finally, this specialized truck is capable of fixing potholes year-round, while normally potholes are unfixable during the winter months.

But What if Pittsburgh Potholes DO Cause an Accident?

The city of Pittsburgh hasn’t fully committed to using these new cutting-edge trucks. If it decides that the truck is not worth the price tag, the city will most likely revert to the old, inconvenient and ineffective dry mix method that does not keep dangerous potholes off Pittsburgh roads.

If you get hurt in a car accident as a result of Pittsburgh potholes, make sure you have the legal support to help you. An experienced car accident injury attorney can help you get back on your feet.

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