What to Do if You’re Hurt in a Pittsburgh Sidewalk Accident

pittsburgh sidewalk accident

The Season for a Potential Pittsburgh Sidewalk Accident

Spring has come to Pennsylvania once again, and the warm weather beckons us all outside. It is time to go for a walk, absorb some sunlight, and breathe some fresh air. But the increase of pedestrian traffic also comes with an increase in pedestrian hazards, placing all Pennsylvanians at risk of being in a Pittsburgh sidewalk accident.

While sidewalks seem to be the most mundane, dull, and safe places to walk in any city, not paying attention to one’s surroundings can result in major injury. For instance, two businesses in Pittsburgh’s Squirrel Hill neighborhood recently had to temporarily close because bricks were falling off of their building and landing on the sidewalk. Luckily, no one has been injured by these falling bricks, and city inspectors made the right call in closing these businesses until the buildings are repaired.

Update: On April 22, 2015, TribLIVE.com published an article on a dilapidated building in Connellsville that town officials are trying to demolish. These officials fear a “public catastrophe” if the building is not taken down soon. Certainly, this is further evidence of the danger of a Pittsburgh sidewalk accident from the numerous old buildings and structures throughout the city.

The Pittsburgh Sidewalk Accident by the Numbers

While it may seem unusual to give a Pittsburgh sidewalk accident special attention, the high percentage of Steel City residents that walk to work means that sidewalk safety is an absolute necessity (Pittsburgh has the 3rd highest percentage of residents that walk to work among cities with populations of at least 200,000).

Furthermore, a 2014 study, “Dangerous by Design 2014,” provides worrisome details about the increasing numbers of pedestrian deaths across the United States. One of the most alarming trends revealed is that the percent of pedestrian deaths due to traffic accidents has been steadily rising since 2007. While Pittsburgh generally rated as one of the safer U.S. cities to be a pedestrian, the study did show that the Pittsburgh metropolitan area recorded 234  traffic-related pedestrian deaths between 2003-2012.

Avoiding a Pittsburgh Sidewalk Accident

Make no mistake, a Pittsburgh sidewalk accident could happen to you. Here are a few suggestions to stay safe when you are walking around the city:

  • Keep an eye out for construction zones. Even if they seem safe to walk through, you should walk around the taped or blocked off areas.
  • Look up from your cell phone! If your eyes are glued to your phone screen then you can’t see your surroundings and  you could walk right into an unsafe area.
  • If possible, avoid areas with high-speed auto traffic — the  “Dangerous by Design 2014” report showed a relation between the speed of traffic and the number of pedestrian deaths.

 What to Do if You are in a Pittsburgh Sidewalk Accident

If you are seriously hurt in a Pittsburgh sidewalk accident, your first call after contacting a doctor should be to an experienced personal injury lawyer. You are the victim in these types of scenarios, and you should not be held responsible for the expenses associated with the accident. It is best to call as early as you can in order to maximize your recovery, both physically and financially.

If you have been hurt in a Pittsburgh sidewalk accident, give the attorneys at Joyce & Bittner a call at (412) 281-9919 for a free consultation about your legal options.