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A Pittsburgh Social Security Disability Lawyer Who Knows Your Problem

Do you have a disabling injury that prevents you from getting work? An injury that drastically reduces your ability to earn income and complete even the most mundane tasks? Joyce & Bittner has helped clients obtain the help they need for over 25 years. A Pittsburgh Social Security Disability Lawyer from Joyce & Bittner knows the struggles associated with these problems and can minimize the financial strain caused by the injury or disability.

Individuals who have a disabling medical condition which will make them incapable of working for at least one year (or which is expected to lead to death) may be eligible for Social Security Disability benefits. The process for obtaining Social Security Disability benefits can be frustrating. Most initial applications are denied. 

A Pittsburgh Social Security Disability lawyer from Joyce & Bittner can help clients throughout the entire disability claim process. We will help you:

  • File the initial claim
  • Request reconsideration of the claim if your first claim was denied
  • Appeal a second claim denial in court

If you live in Pennsylvania and should be covered by Social Security Disability, Joyce & Bittner can help.

A Pittsburgh Social Security Disability Lawyer Who Can Solve Your Problem

These days, the government is making it much tougher for you to pursue your claim alone. If your Social Security Disability claim has been denied, you need to hire the right Pittsburgh Social Security Disability lawyer. A Joyce & Bittner lawyer can maximize your Social Security Disability award and help you get back on your feet.

Joyce & Bittner is very experienced in the area of Social Security Disability. Their thorough understanding of this field allows them to equal the playing field for you. If your claim has been denied, do not go it alone.  Let Joyce & Bittner show you what a veteran Pittsburgh Social Security Disability Lawyer can do.

Get your FREE Consultation from a Pittsburgh Social Security Disability Lawyer

Making the first step is hard. At Joyce & Bittner, we understand the difficulty in figuring out which course of action is right for you to take. We want to help you make the right choice. We have a Pittsburgh Social Security Disability lawyer available 24/7 to provide you a first consultation for free. this personalized service can tell you what your options are and provide expert advice on which direction you need to go.

A Pittsburgh Social Security Disability Lawyer Who is an Expert in Today’s Landscape

Did you know that the national award rate from Administrative Law Judges is at its lowest in 40 years? At Joyce & Bittner we see the trends and the effort to stack the deck against you, but we have the up-to-date expertise to win your claim. By combining our elite level current knowledge of Social Security Disability with our wealth of experience, we are the excellently-suited to get positive case results for you.

Is your condition or disability covered by Social Security? Find a list of commonly covered impairments here.

A Pittsburgh Social Security Disability Lawyer Who Stands by You

Our firm will advise you every step of the way. We take great pride in our work and fight hard to win your case.

Services we provide:

  • FREE FIRST CONSULTATION from a Pittsburgh Social Security Disability lawyer available 24 hours a day
  • Filing your application for benefits
  • Advancing costs associated with your disability claim
  • Reviewing and/or appealing unfavorable Social Security decisions
  • Handling all communications related to your disability claim
  • Reviewing all documentation to ensure you are getting the maximum benefits under the Social Security Disability law
  • Keeping you informed with regular updates on your case
  • Preparation/representation for your hearing in front of the Administrative Law Judge
  • …and much more!
WE BEAT DENIALS! Don’t wait, act now! Call 412-281-9919 or 1-800-299-5530, or send us a message by clicking here to receive your FREE consultation.