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Legal Terms Glossary -N-


National Labor Relations Board. (NLRB) – A federal agency which prevents and remedies unfair labor practices by employers and labor organizations

Naturalization – Process by which a person acquires nationality after birth and becomes entitled to privileges of citizenship.

negligence definition

Negligence – Failure to use care which a reasonable and prudent person would use under similar circumstances.

Negotiation – The process of submission and consideration of offers until an acceptable offer is made and accepted.

Next friend – One acting without formal appointment as guardian for the benefit of an infant, a person of unsound mind not judicially declared incompetent, or other person under some disability.

No Bill – This phrase, endorsed by a grand jury on the written indictment submitted to it for its approval, means that the evidence was found insufficient to indict.

No-contest Clause – Language in a will that provides that a person who makes a legal challenge to the will’s validity will be disinherited.

No-fault Proceedings – A civil case in which parties may resolve their dispute without a formal finding of error or fault.

Noise Control Act – A act which gives government agencies the right to promulgate standards and regulations relating to abatement of noise emissions, i.e., requirement that autos and like vehicles must have mufflers.

Nonfeasance – Nonperformance of an act which should be performed; omission to perform a required duty or total neglect of duty.

Nonjury trial – Trial before the court but without a jury.

Non-Renewal – The termination of an insurance policy at its annual expiration date.

Notary Public – A public officer whose function it is to administer oaths, to attest and certify documents, and to take acknowledgments.

Notice – Formal notification to the party that has been sued in a civil case of the fact that the lawsuit has been filed. Also, any form of notification of a legal proceeding.

Notice to creditors – A notice given by the bankruptcy court to all creditors of a meeting of creditors.

Nuncupative will – An oral (unwritten) will.