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Legal Terms Glossary -Q-


Quash – To vacate or void a summons, subpoena, etc.

Quasi-contract An obligation created by the law in the absence of an agreement or contract; not based upon the intentions or expressions of the parties.

Quasi-criminal action -A classification of actions such as violation of a city ordinance that is not also violation of a criminal statute, which are wrongs against the public punishable through fines but are not usually indictable offenses.

Quiet title action -A court proceeding to remove a cloud on the title to real property.

Quotation or Quote – An estimate of the cost of insurance based on the information supplied to the insurance producer (agent) or company. This amount may change depending upon findings during the underwriting process.

Quitclaim deed -A deed without warranty of title which passes whatever title the grantor has to another.