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Legal Terms Glossary -V-


Vacate – To set aside.

Venire – A writ summoning persons to court to act as jurors. (See venire facias in Foreign Words Glossary.)

Venue – Authority of a court to hear a matter based on geographical location.

Verdict – A conclusion, as to fact or law, that forms the basis for the court’s judgment. (See directed verdict.)

Veterans’ Administration (VA) – The federal agency which administers a system of benefits for veterans and their dependents.

Visa – An official endorsement on a document or passport denoting that the bearer may proceed.

Void – Invalid; a void agreement is one for which there is no remedy.

Voidable – Capable of being declared invalid; a voidable contract is one where a person may avoid his obligation, as a contract between an adult and a minor.

Voir dire – The preliminary examination made in court of a witness or juror to determine his competency or interest in a matter. Literally, to speak the truth.

Voluntary bankruptcy – A proceeding by which a debtor voluntarily asks for a discharge of his debts under the Bankruptcy Code.