Personal Injury Case Results

Dog Attack – Pittsburgh –

Our client, a transport driver for a handicapped youth, was chased by a Rottweiler type dog, causing her to fall and sustain injury. Joyce & Bittner helped this woman in her recovery by procuring a financial recovery through settlement.

Store Injury – East Hills –

Our client sustained a dangerous fall at a home improvement store in Monroeville due to one their store displays. He sustained a hip fracture and received a settlement for his injury.

Ohio Man Suffered a Severe Laceration of Arm- Greene County-

Our client, a young father from Ohio, sustained a severe laceration of his arm after having been pushed into a glass storm door when he was engaging in horse play with the home owner as our client entered the house. The case was settled within months of the incident and without a lawsuit having been filed.

Mt. Lebanon Welder Burnt by Defective Oxygen Hose- Allegheny County –

Our client, a welder, was severely burned when oxygen escaped from a hose while welding and caused an intense fire around his abdomen and upper leg area. The case was settled for a substantial amount prior to trial.

Beaver Falls Printing Press Operator’s Hand Caught in Press – Allegheny County –

Our client, a printing press operator, was injured when his hand was caught in the unguarded rollers of a printing press. The case was settled prior to trial for a substantial amount.