What You Need to Know About I-79 and I-80 Accidents

I-79 and I-80 accidentsInattentive Drivers Cause I-79 and I-80 Accidents

I-79 and I-80 accidents are a plague on Pennsylvania drivers. While many motorists on these interstates are taking dull and eventless drives, there are thousands of drivers on the roads with a greater sense of urgency to get to their destination. Often times Pennsylvania drivers can overlook or neglect the rules of the road to reach their destination expeditiously, resulting in accidents.

Pennsylvania Weather Causes I-79 and I-80 Accidents

Living in Pittsburgh, and Western Pennsylvania we experience all types of weather conditions. When weather changes in Pittsburgh, Western Pennsylvania driving conditions can be affected, sometimes the conditions change in seconds. Rain and snow squalls (white outs) can render Pennsylvania highways and interstates impassable and dangerous while your driving. Busy Pittsburgh roads and fast moving weather patterns are a formula for auto accidents and multi-car pile ups (such as this one in January 2015).

Western Pennsylvania is the home to many such large multi-lane interstate highways such as I-79 and I-80. In fact, both roads cover a substantial portion of Pittsburgh and the surrounding Pennsylvania rural areas. Interstate 80 in also located in what many consider to be the “snow belt” of Pennsylvania and is shared with many commercial drivers and large trucks. Interstate 79, which also runs through the “snow belt”, connects drivers in the Pittsburgh metro area with western Pennsylvania suburbs and communities.

I-79 and I-80 Accidents are Not the Only Pittsburgh Accidents

The regular news headlines focusing on I-79 and I-80 accidents and multi-car chain reaction pile-ups that involve both automobiles and large trucks show the deadly consequences when heavy traffic and inclement weather conditions mix. However, auto accidents can happen on your commute to work in downtown Pittsburgh or on a leisurely afternoon drive throughout Pennsylvania too. These can result in personal injury, permanent disfigurement, scaring, or possibly death. The injuries that you have sustained in the car or truck accident may have resulted from no fault of your own.

With the help of a Pittsburgh Pennsylvania personal injury lawyer or attorney, who concentrates on I-79 and I-80 accidents and injuries (as well as those on other roads), you can recover lost wages and medical bills resulting from the car or truck accident in which you were involved. A lawyer or attorney that focuses on auto accident injury law in Pennsylvania can work with insurance companies and protect your legal rights.

The Onus is on You to Best Avoid I-80 and I-79 Accidents

Keeping yourself and loved ones safe while driving on Pennsylvania interstates is a big responsibility. Controlling your car or truck is only half of safe driving. The other half is watching out for other drivers and weather patterns that create hazardous driving conditions and I-79 and I-80 accidents in Pennsylvania.

Joyce & Bittner have been handling personal injury cases, including those involving auto accidents on highways such as I-79 and I-80, for over 25 years. Please contact us ff you find yourself involved in a car or truck accident and have sustained injuries, scarring, or loss of a loved one.