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Anyone who owns commercial property — such as a housing complex, a retail store with a large parking lot, or a drinking establishment — has the legal obligation to make sure that visitors are protected from the threat of violence.

Taverns or bars, restaurants, movie theaters, malls and apartment buildings all can present grave risks to visitors if not properly maintained and responsibly run. If a business owner repeatedly fails to provide adequate security and an individual is injured, sexually assaulted or killed as a result, that property owner can be sued in a premises liability lawsuit.

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What Constitutes Inadequate Security?

One single act of violence on a premise is usually not enough to accuse a property owner of providing inadequate security. After all, violence can occur almost anywhere, at any time, regardless of security measures.

If a business owner has reason to know of a threat of violence such as acts of violence in the same parking lot, then that business has a legal duty to take action. If a business owner knowingly provides inadequate security by failing to provide barriers, cameras or guards, or other security measures, that failure can constitute negligence, and the victim can seek compensation through a premises liability lawsuit.

Inadequate Security in Bars or Drinking Establishments

Commonly, issues of inadequate security arise in bars, taverns or drinking establishments. Many times incidents occur because the bar or restaurants served alcohol to someone who was visibly intoxicated. The owner can be legally responsible for injury caused by the intoxicated person. Also, the bar’s owner may have a responsibility to have some sort of security staff on hand or, at the very least, have a duty to call the police if violence breaks out.

If the bar’s management becomes aware that a patron is in danger, the management or employees of the establishment may also have a duty to intervene and take steps to protect those in danger. In a situation were the drinking establishment knows of the danger, but fails to take measures to prevent violence, the victim is generally more likely to be successful in filing a premises liability claim.

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