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Western Pennsylvania Law Blog

How can I drive safely around semis?

Getting involved in an accident with a semi-truck on the highway has a high potential to be fatal. Any kind of motor vehicle accident is very serious, but if you happen to be in a smaller four-wheeled passenger vehicle and crash into an 18-wheel semi-truck, the odds...

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Can brain injuries cause emotional issues?

Depending on their severity, some brain injuries can cause lasting effects. Along with physical issues, mental and emotional issues can also occur. Not only are these issues hard for the brain injury victim to navigate, they can also take a toll on the person's...

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Inadequate traffic laws expose people to risk

People in Pennsylvania may believe that the traffic laws in their state are quite robust. These laws are put in place to help keep everyone safe on the roads. However, accidents continue to take place, and many of those accidents claim the lives of innocent people. In...

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Should you be worried about road rash?

Pennsylvanian motorcyclists are more exposed than other drivers. Even when wearing protective gear, injury is possible. One injury you may face is road rash. Motorcyclists of all ages often discuss this issue. But do you understand how dangerous it is? When people say...

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How can I avoid motorcycle accidents?

Many people in Pittsburgh and across the state of Pennsylvania enjoy the freedom and fun that goes hand-in-hand with riding a motorcycle. However, it is also no secret that riding a motorcycle is far more dangerous than operating a four-wheeled passenger vehicle....

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