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Pittsburgh Juvenile Crime Lawyer
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We Handle All Kinds Of Juvenile Offenses

It is our philosophy at Joyce & Bittner is that early intervention and a strong attorney-client relationship are the keys to providing the best outcome for our clients. With 30 years of experience, Joyce & Bittner is very capable of strategizing and implementing an excellent defense for a juvenile.

We handle a wide range of juvenile crime cases, including but not limited to:

  • Underage drinking and drug offenses
  • Fake ID cases
  • Theft, including auto theft, shoplifting or possession of any stolen property
  • Property crimes such as vandalism, graffiti, criminal trespass and destruction of school property
  • Violent juvenile crimes such as assault, firearms violations or other weapons possession charges, or terroristic threats
  • Sex crimes ranging from open lewdness to rape and indecent sexual assault

Get Early Intervention From Trusted Attorneys

When you contact a lawyer with substantial experience in misdemeanor and felony cases for juveniles such as Joyce & Bittner, you are taking proactive steps toward getting back on the right track. We are familiar with the broad range of community-based treatment and diversion programs available for youthful offenders in Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Washington and Beaver counties, and throughout the western Pennsylvania area. We have handled many cases at both the misdemeanor and felony level and can handle your case as well.

How An Attorney Can Help Expunge Your Record

Everyone makes mistakes when they are young, but no one wants that mistake to follow them around for the rest of their lives. Joyce & Bittner attorneys are veteran expungement lawyers who can help a juvenile or an adult expunge their juvenile record. A Pittsburgh juvenile crime lawyer from Joyce & Bittner will evaluate your record, tell you if you’re eligible for expungement and will carry out the expungement process for you.

We Can Help Those Charged As Adults

A Pittsburgh juvenile crime lawyer from Joyce & Bittner can also represent young defendants who are ordered under Pennsylvania law to stand trial as adults on serious charges such as aggravated assault or homicide. Our first efforts are often to focus on proceedings to get the case transferred back to juvenile court. In some cases, we can make an effective argument that developmental, psychological or other characteristics of your child indicate that justice would not be served by holding him or her to adult standards of criminal liability. We provide discreet, highly professional representation designed to maximize the potential for a positive outcome in the child’s juvenile court case.

A Free Consultation From A Pittsburgh Juvenile Crime Lawyer

With juveniles, it is extremely important to get them a strong start, both in life and in their legal defense. Joyce & Bittner offers a free consultation with a Pittsburgh juvenile crime lawyer 24 hours a day. They can explain the charges, the specific circumstances and implications of being a juvenile in the court system and any immediate action you need to take. Call us 24 hours a day at 412-557-7931 or email us.