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After living and driving in a certain part of Pennsylvania for a while, you may find yourself behind the wheel on auto-pilot. Being lulled into a driving routine could spell disaster in the form of either a moving or non-moving traffic violation. Knowing how to keep yourself out of trouble reduces your chances of law enforcement pulling you over and receiving an avoidable ticket. 

State Farm breaks down common moving and non-moving traffic violations. Remind yourself which driving maneuvers are truly safe and which could make law enforcement take special (and unwanted) interest in you. 

Illegal right turn on red 

Before turning right on a red light, double-check for signs indicating whether you may legally do so at that specific intersection. Even if police are not around, a stoplight camera could record your violation. While penalties for making an illegal right turn are often not severe, tickets can tarnish your overall driving record. 


Be sure you drive within the speed limit on familiar routes, as the limit may change unexpectedly. You may have the option of going to traffic school or taking a course to keep a speeding ticket off your driving record. Even if you do take a course or go to driving school, you may still face increased insurance rates should your policy provider deem you a risky driver. 

Driving without a proper license 

Even if you drive with a license, it may be expired, revoked or suspended. If you moved to Pennsylvania within the last few months, you may not have a state-issued driver’s license yet. Any of these scenarios could lead to jail time, a court appearance, increased insurance premiums or your vehicle behind impounded if the police pull you over and you do not have a proper license.