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There are many reasons to love getting on your motorcycle and enjoying the beautiful wind erodes we have here in Pennsylvania. Thousands of motorcyclists come to Pennsylvania each year to enjoy our fantastic scenery and lovely roadways. However, it is no secret that riding a motorcycle carries risks along with it. If you two like to enjoy the earth on two wheels, it is vital that you know how to avoid motorcycle accidents. You will need to think fast, since, according to Motorcycle Cruiser, you only have two seconds from the beginning of a collision to impact. 

Of course, you want to try not to get into a motorcycle accident in the first place. While this is not always possible, there are many things that motorcyclists can do to lower the chance of becoming a statistic. For instance, in the vast majority of motorcycle crashes with four wheeled vehicles, the driver of the four-wheel vehicle often reports being unable to see the motorcyclist at the time of impact. This means that motorcyclists who wear bright colors and make sure to ride in the driver’s side view mirror are more likely to be seen and less likely to be hit. 

Another good strategy for avoiding motorcycle accidents is to be cognizant of where you ride. You are statistically less likely to be in a motorcycle accident on the highway as compared to on a surface street. 

Finally, make sure to always wear your helmet. Riding without one is always a serious risk in and of itself. And remember that if you own one but do not wear it, the helmet is not going to do you any good if it is not on your head.