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Many people in Pittsburgh and across the state of Pennsylvania enjoy the freedom and fun that goes hand-in-hand with riding a motorcycle. However, it is also no secret that riding a motorcycle is far more dangerous than operating a four-wheeled passenger vehicle. While good training can help you out of a tight spot, it is advisable to avoid potential crash scenarios to begin with. According to Motorcycle Cruiser, one of the most important things is to ensure that other drivers can see you on the bike. 

In reality, one of the most common things car operators say in the aftermath of an accident with a motorcycle is, “I did not see the motorcycle.” The majority of car drivers do not actively want to hit you, so do them a favor and make yourself as visible as possible. When you drive during the day, make sure that you have your high beams on. Instead of dressing in traditional Rebel Without a Cause black, try going for electric green or yellow. Remember to drive slightly off to the side of the lane so that you are reflected in the side view mirror of the car in front of you. 

If your main concern is avoiding accidents, you would do better to stick to highways as much as possible. Statistically, you are less likely to experience an accident on a highway as compared to a surface street. You particularly want to avoid busy shopping centers or parking lots. 

Finally, do not drink when you are riding a motorcycle. Even one beer makes you statistically more likely to end up in a motorcycle accident. It may be tempting, but save the booze for when you are at home.