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Individuals injured while traveling on Pennsylvania’s public thoroughfares have a right to financial compensation for their losses. If an accident results in bodily harm or vehicle damage, legal action may help obtain recompense.

According to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, more than 200 individuals sustained injuries from a traffic accident each day in 2018. The highest number of crashes occurred when moving vehicles struck a fixed object, such as a tree or highway guardrail.

The most dangerous accidents, however, generally occur while approaching or driving through a construction zone.

Speeding and distractions cause accidents

Speeding motorists passing through an unfamiliar highway could crash into a concrete barrel, traffic flagger or another vehicle when not giving the road ahead their full attention. While construction zones generally provide ample warning for drivers to slow down, some fail to respond or comply until the last moment.

Distracted driving accidents have increased due to the growing number of individuals using mobile devices while operating a vehicle. As reported by the National Safety Council, navigation devices and cell phone conversations can divert a motorist’s attention from the highway. Eating and talking to passengers could also affect a driver’s ability to maintain his or her focus on the road.

Three types of distractions result in a driver’s loss of focus

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration makes note of three types of distractions that can cause motorists to lose focus. The first category consists of visual distractions, such as text messages, that cause drivers to take their eyes off the road.

Motorists experience manual distractions when they use a device that requires them to remove their hands from the steering wheel. The Keystone State’s laws prohibit motorists from responding to an email or a text message by hand while driving.

A cognitive distraction results from a vehicle operator thinking about something other than driving. Stress, work or a personal matter may cause a motorist’s attention to wander.

An individual involved in a vehicle collision could require costly and lengthy medical attention. When the individual harmed is not a resident of Pennsylvania, recovering damages may require pursuing an interstate legal action.