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Pennsylvania Truck Accident Attorney
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Injured In A Truck Accident? We’re Here For You.

The Pennsylvania truck accident attorneys from Joyce & Bittner have 50 years of combined experience dealing with accidents involving a wide variety of trucks. They know how severe, disabling or even fatal injuries from a truck accident can be. The logistics behind making sure you are properly compensated are complicated, and making the right first steps, are important to your recovery.

To help you make this first step, Joyce & Bittner offers a free first consultation. During this consultation, they will let you know all of your options and advise you on the best course of action. They will help you get out in front of your situation and make sure that you are aggressively and effectively represented from the consultation through the final stages of your case. Whether you were behind the wheel of a truck or were in a car that collided with a truck, the lawyers at Joyce & Bittner in Pittsburgh should be your first call.

If you were involved in an accident involving one of these trucks, get your free consultation from Joyce & Bittner:

  • Commercial vehicles
  • Semi trucks
  • Tractor-trailer combinations
  • Buses
  • Flatbeds
  • Construction vehicles
  • Moving vans
  • Garbage trucks
  • Tanker trucks

Why Choose Joyce & Bittner?

When picking an attorney, you don’t want one who is unfamiliar in navigating the unique details of accidents involving large trucks. You need one who has years of experience zealously representing regular drivers who were injured in a collision involving a dangerous truck.

Joyce & Bittner attorneys are well-versed and highly experienced in this specific area of traffic law. We know the common complications and tricky areas involved with truck accidents and are highly equipped to anticipate and navigate around these problem areas.

Pennsylvania truck accident attorneys from Joyce & Bittner are aggressive and thorough. We can maximize the value of your claim. Our attorneys will use the experience and understanding of serious truck accidents gained from prior cases. We have the knowledge of applicable law and regulations, such as the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, and can leverage this knowledge to secure the best outcome for you.

We Handle A Wide Range Of Clients

Joyce & Bittner attorneys are veterans in the investigation and litigation of liability issues in commercial vehicle crash cases. We also know how to analyze the employment, corporate and contractual relationships that can reveal multiple defendants responsible for your damages. We represent the injured in bus accidents involving bus companies such as Greyhound and Coach USA/Lenzner, as well as local bus carriers such as Port Authority, school bus companies and even private bus companies. We make sure that our service covers every major detail of your case.

Our standard examination will reveal critical factors that include:

  • Past commercial vehicle crash cases
  • Vehicle and equipment maintenance and inspection
  • Oversize and overweight loads
  • Evaluating driver performance as to weather, road and grade conditions
  • Multiple layers of insurance coverage for corporate defendants

A Pennsylvania Truck Accident Attorney To Protect Your Rights

Because of the serious injuries associated with highway truck crashes — such as fractures, paralysis, brain injuries and even death — the truck insurance companies will involve their lawyers at a very early stage. An injured victim should protect their rights by doing the same. An important part of Joyce & Bittner’s Pennsylvania truck accident attorney client service is our early engagement of experts and investigation of the facts concerning both the defendant’s liability and your damages. Once you hire a Pennsylvania truck accident attorney from Joyce & Bittner, we will go to work immediately to develop the record that will support your maximum compensation.

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