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Pittsburgh Attorney For Motorcycle Accidents
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Recovering From A Motorcycle Accident

Why You Need An Attorney After A Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle crashes are among the most dangerous on the road. While in Pennsylvania only about 3% of registered vehicles are motorcycles, 15% of the state’s fatal crashes involve these two-wheeled vehicles.* The damages suffered from these crashes can be catastrophic, and the legal mess that happens after these crashes is too harmful and too complex for you to handle by yourself. To best help you in your post-accident recovery, you need a Pittsburgh attorney for motorcycle accidents who can maximize your monetary compensation and look out for your best interests. Joyce & Bittner handles accident and injury cases throughout Pennsylvania and can help you with yours too.

How To Get Started

Joyce & Bittner knows that figuring out the first step to take after a motorcycle accident is hard. To make this easy for you, we offer your first consultation for free. We’ll listen to your account of the story, help you determine if you need to take legal action and what you need to do first in order to get maximum compensation from those responsible for your damages. Joyce & Bittner believes that a Pittsburgh attorney for motorcycle accidents should be a personalized service, which is why the attorney you see for an initial consultation is the attorney you work with all the way through to the end of your case. 

A Seasoned Pittsburgh Attorney For Motorcycle Accidents

At Joyce & Bittner, our lawyers have the experience and investigative resources necessary to provide first-class client service in motorcycle accident litigation of all kinds. A Pittsburgh attorney for motorcycle accidents at Joyce & Bittner draws from years of experience working on accident and injury cases for all motorcycle types.

We understand that no two bikes are the same and that the build of the bike can be an important factor in your case. Over the years, we have worked on a wide range of motorcycle accident cases and have or are able to work on brands and types of motorcycles that include:

  • Honda
  • Suzuki
  • Triumph
  • Harley-Davidson
  • Highly-customized bikes
  • Nonmotorized pedal cycles

How Your Case Will Be Examined

Motorcycle accidents often involve very serious injuries to the head, back, pelvis or knees and can take years to make a full recovery. Severe lacerations and burns are also characteristic of motorcycle crashes given the exposed position of the rider. There is a high likelihood that a collision will often involve:

  • Two or more severe impacts
  • Serious and disabling injuries at very low speeds
  • A bike rider being struck by a negligent motorist, even while standing still¬†

At Joyce & Bittner, our understanding of both the technical aspects and the human dimensions of motorcycle accidents can give you a significant advantage in presenting your claim for damages against the responsible parties. We know how the technical specifications of a bike factor into an accident and can leverage the same.

Besides the build of the motorcycle, we know that the scene of the accident also plays a big role in determining who is responsible for your damages. Joyce & Bittner are tried and tested accident investigators with a strong network of forensic experts who can reveal all the factors that led to your accident.

Joyce & Bittner’s founding partners have each been working as accident lawyers for over 25 years,¬†so they fight every obstacle in your way and observe every angle that needs to be examined. But they can‚Äôt help if you don‚Äôt call.

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