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Most kids have already headed back to the classroom this September, but it is never too late to brush up on your driving safety skills. As you adjust to a new routine, a busier schedule and lots of additional traffic on the road, avoid raising the risk for an accident by rushing to and from your destinations.

Keep driving safety at the top of your mind this fall with these accident prevention tips.

Be aware of school buses

Special traffic laws apply to school buses in Pennsylvania. You must stop at least 10 feet behind a stopped school bus, indicated by flashing red lights and the extended stop arm. Flashing yellow lights indicate a bus that is about to stop. Do not pass a bus when children are getting on or off. Failure to abide by these laws puts kids in danger and carries a 60-day license suspension, $250 fine and five points on your driving record.

Avoid distracted driving

As schedules become hectic with sports, activities and holiday preparation, the temptation to multitask increases. Never text, eat or engage in other activities behind the wheel, especially when traveling in an area with lots of vehicle and pedestrian traffic. This advice is important for walkers, too. Kids should be aware of cars and put their phones away when walking to school.

Stay safe in school zones

The school parking lot is a busy place in the morning and at dismissal. Prevent accidents by adhering to the administration’s guidelines for dropping off and picking up your kids. Travel slowly and keep your eyes open for unexpected pedestrian crossings. Do not double park or unload your child across from the school, since these practices increase the risk of a collision involving a pedestrian.

By stepping up your driving game this fall, you help keep the parents and kids in your community safe. These actions make a big difference since auto accidents are a common cause of serious injury.