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Bicycle accidents occur for a lot of reasons, but many are the result of rushing. Whether someone drives too fast because they are running late for work or a bicyclist is in a hurry to get to their job or take care of some other important matter, people rush for many reasons. Unfortunately, this significantly increases the odds of a bicycle accident that leads to far greater problems. 

Whether you ride your bike on a daily basis or from time to time, it is imperative to watch out for drivers who speed or behave recklessly on the road in other ways. 

Paying attention to the road 

Drivers who are in a rush often have more difficulty when it comes to paying attention to the road. They are less likely to follow traffic safety guidelines, such as yielding, turning or switching lanes properly and coming to a stop at a sign. In fact, many drivers simply lose their mental focus when they are in a rush, and this is especially concerning when they encounter pedestrians and bicyclists on the road since they are more difficult to see. 

Standing up for yourself 

It is crucial for the victims of bicycle accidents to take a firm stand for their legal rights. Sometimes, taking legal action allows victims to receive the benefits that they deserve after a reckless driver upends their lives, such as compensation that covers medical costs and the impact of lost wages. Please spend time on other pages on our website to go over many other topics related to bicycle accidents and the consequences of these wrecks.