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Pennsylvanian motorcyclists are more exposed than other drivers. Even when wearing protective gear, injury is possible. One injury you may face is road rash. Motorcyclists of all ages often discuss this issue. But do you understand how dangerous it is?

When people say that road rash is not something to worry about, they are usually referring to mild cases. Road rash falls into three categories: mild, moderate and severe. With a mild case of road rash, medical intervention is often not necessary. They may wish to disinfect your wound, but proper at-home first aid care can prevent infection. Victims often recover in weeks.

This is not the case for moderate or severe cases of road rash. The faster you go and the rougher the road is, the more severe a road rash injury can be. Some cases involve deep lacerations. Victims have had the flesh flayed from their bones. Muscles, tendons and even nerves are all exposed to danger. If a victim’s nerves get cut or damaged, it can permanently alter their sense of feeling in the affected area. This may mean numbness, tingling or even constant pain.

The healing prognosis for these injuries is also tire. Many victims suffer from permanent scarring or disfigurement. Some need skin grafts. Others never recover from nerve damage.

If you are curious about the injuries motorcyclists face on the daily, visit our web page. You can learn more about road rash. There are plenty of other injuries motorcyclists are at risk for as well. Learning about these issues can help any individual who already rides or has plans to start.