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How A Traffic Ticket Affects Your Car Insurance
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Traffic Tickets – Watch Out For The Hidden Costs

A traffic citation can have consequences beyond just fine and costs. Not only do some tickets have the possibility of jail time and loss of your drivers license, but most tickets can also cost you in your insurance rates.

As of July 2013, (an insurance marketplace) provides the following estimated insurance rate increases for common traffic tickets:

  • Reckless driving – Rates up 22%
  • DUI (first offense) – Rates up 19%
  • Careless driving – Rates up 16%
  • Driving without a license or permit – Rates up 18%
  • Speeding 30-plus mph over the limit – Rates up 15%
  • Speeding 15-29 mph over the limit – Rates up 13%
  • Speeding 1-14 mph over the limit – Rates up 11%
  • Stop sign violation – Rates up 15%
  • Improper passing – Rates up 14%
  • Improper turning – Rates up 14%
  • Following too close (tailgating) – Rates up 13%

To get a more personalized estimate of the potential rate increase, has a “Traffic Ticket Calculator..

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