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Illegally Passing A School Bus
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A Ticket For Illegally Passing A School Bus Can Cost You Your Driver’s License!

A conviction of illegally passing a school bus in Pennsylvania will be punished with:

  • A$250 fine
  • A 60 day driver’s license suspension

You can avoid these penalties if you take it to court — we can help!

What To Do If You Receive A Ticket For Illegally Passing A School Bus In Pennsylvania

You need an attorney experienced in handling school bus violations. Do not plead guilty — call our firm for a free consultation. We can:

  • Thoroughly explain and evaluate the charge.
  • Tell you the possible long and short term impacts on your overall driving record.
  • Represent you in court.
  • Negotiate for lesser charges or even get the charges dismissed.

Do Not Plead Guilty On A Ticket For Illegally Passing A School Bus In Pennsylvania

Motor Vehicle Code Section 3345 violation of illegally passing a school bus in Pennsylvania often occurs as a mistake — everyone understands the importance of keeping children safe. Examples of possible situations where illegally passing a school bus in Pennsylvania can occur without intent include:

  • Maybe you were in the far left on a four-lane road and could not see the bus stopped all of the way on the far right.
  • Maybe it the bus was stopped on a curved road so you could not see it until you came around the bend, and it was too late.
  • Maybe the bus hadn’t pulled all the way up to the intersection (as it is supposed to), and therefore, you could not recognize that it was stopped with its lights flashing as you drove through.

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If you have been issued a ticket for meeting or overtaking a school bus in Pennsylvania, you should talk to an attorney before you respond. The attorneys at Joyce & Bittner have worked in traffic law for over two decades. For a free consultation, call 412-557-7931 or reach out online.