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Reckless Driving In Pennsylvania
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Don’t Plead Guilty to a Reckless Driving Ticket in Pennsylvania

First, a ticket for reckless driving in Pennsylvania carries a $200 fine, making it one of the more expensive traffic tickets in Pennsylvania.

However, the second part of the penalty that makes. Reckless driving in Pennsylvania one of the most troublesome offenses of all: a six-month suspension of your driver’s license.

How You Should Respond To A Reckless Driving In Pennsylvania Ticket

To best avoid a conviction for reckless driving in Pennsylvania, you should align yourself with an attorney that concentrates in traffic law. Since reckless driving is a summary level offense, the state does not guarantee the right to a legal counsel, and you will have to hire your own attorney to fight this very serious charge.

A Lawyer Can Help You Beat A Reckless Driving Ticket In Pennsylvania

Many rely on their legal driving privileges to drive to-and-from work, drop off and pick up their kids from school and run basic everyday errands. Many individuals are required to have a driver’s license for their job. A driver’s license suspension could mean the loss of their job and/or an inability to find a new one.

If you want to avoid those consequences, you should hire an attorney who concentrates in traffic law. They can:

  • Give you a proper and thorough evaluation of your situation and how it relates to a reckless driving charge
  • Provide insight into how this charge might factor into your overall driving record (points, insurance rates, etc.)
  • Give you an effective defense at trial that could result in:
    • A plea deal for a reduced charge
    • A dismissal of your ticket

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