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For your family, summer may be the time that you typically take the car on long road trips or weekend getaways. Part of the appeal of summer travel involves enjoying the hot weather. Ironically, the hot weather can also pose unique risks to you and your family.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, hot summer weather can damage parts of your vehicle. This can make your vehicle unsafe and more prone to accidents, especially during a long trip. Excess heat in the passenger compartment can also pose a potential health hazard, especially to young children.

Equipment problems

Anything made of rubber or similar material on your car is vulnerable to high summer temperatures. Wiper blades, hoses and belts may all degrade more quickly with exposure to the heat. Furthermore, the entire vehicle can overheat and break down if there is a problem with the coolant system. In addition to ensuring that you have a sufficient amount of coolant, it is also necessary to ensure that you have the right type. Some vehicles require coolant that meets certain manufacturer specifications.

Heatstroke prevention

Some people are particularly sensitive to the heat. These include older adults, children and people who are in poor health. For the safety and comfort of your passengers, it is important to check your vehicle’s air conditioner before a long trip to ensure that it is working properly. You should also be careful not to leave children unattended in a parked car when the weather is hot and to lock the door so that children cannot enter an unattended car. Even with a window rolled down, the interior temperature of a vehicle can reach deadly levels within a few minutes when the temperature outside is only in the low 80s.