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Construction Site Injuries

Legal Help For Workers Injured At A Construction Site

Joyce & Bittner are attorneys experienced with helping injured workers obtain financial recovery for their lost income, medical expenses, rehabilitative treatment, and pain and suffering. While most workers will be eligible for workers’ compensation to make up for lost income and medical treatment while unable to work, workers’ comp will not cover other elements of your overall damages such as pain and suffering. Our construction site injury attorneys will carefully review the circumstances of your injury to see whether a company, business or person other than your employer can be held liable for additional harm they caused.

Maximum Compensation Following A Construction Site Accident

Contact our construction site accident attorneys at Joyce & Bittner for a free consultation about:

  • Workers’ compensation benefits
  • Your rights against the person or the company that may have caused your injury

We will review legal claims involving:

  • Accidents in highway construction
  • Office building construction
  • Casino and arena construction
  • Residential and other construction sites.

Third-Party Liability In Construction Site Accident Claims

Pennsylvania workers’ compensation law excludes the possibility of a personal injury lawsuit against your employer in a workplace injury situation. However, manufacturers of dangerous equipment, negligent employees of other companies, careless automobile or truck drivers, or owners and general contractors of unsafe sites can be held liable for your injuries in a civil lawsuit.

This is especially important in cases involving a construction accident in which there are often several subcontractors and other third parties who may also be potentially responsible parties. We can pursue your rights with personal injury litigation while your workers’ compensation claim is pending and even while your benefits are being paid.

Serious Construction Site Injuries

A personal injury claim or lawsuit may provide an opportunity to recover for injuries and damages not recoverable in a workers’ compensation action. At Joyce & Bittner, we are experienced handling personal injury claims involving all types or workplace injuries, such as:

  • Spinal cord injury: Such as paraplegia or quadriplegia caused by falls or equipment failures on a construction site
  • Head injury: Such as a traumatic brain injury caused by a crane accident, backhoe accident or bulldozer accident
  • Severe burns and disfigurement: Such as fire burns or electrical or chemical burns
  • Loss of limb or amputation: Such as loss of a hand or arm in a defective or dangerous machinery accident or unsafe job site practices
  • Other serious injuries: Such as a neck or back injury or other disabling conditions caused by accident at work

No matter how you were injured — in a scaffolding collapse or trip-and-fall, due to faulty wiring or by some other cause — contact an experienced construction site injury lawyer at the Pittsburgh law office of Joyce & Bittner. We will explain your rights and the possibilities for recovery of damages for your injuries suffered on the job.