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Premises Liability

Did You Suffer An Injury On Someone Else’s Property? They May Be Liable For Your Injury.

Premises liability refers to the responsibility that a property owner owes to visitors, guests and customers to keep their buildings and land safe. If you have suffered an injury caused by:

  • A collapsing balcony
  • Loose hand rail
  • Fall on ice
  • Another slippery surface

You may have a potential premises liability claim against the owner of the unsafe property.

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What Can Be A Premises Liability Case?

Cases of serious injury in premises liability can take many forms, including falls on a supermarket or other business floors, drowning in poorly fenced and unsupervised swimming pools, and assaults and serious injury because of negligent security or malfunctioning surveillance equipment in a shopping mall parking lot, hotel, college, university or apartment complexes.

The victims in these situations can often recover damages against the owner of the property. Sometimes the most vulnerable people – children and the elderly – are victims of injury or accidents in school or at a nursing facility. Power saws not properly set up or maintained in shop class or at school or a wet floor in a hospital room can lead to serious and permanent injury for a child or elderly person. Joyce & Bittner can help in these types of cases.

In some cases, an injured worker can maintain a premises liability lawsuit against a property owner, as when a construction subcontractor is injured by debris or holes left by other subcontractors. In other situations, a building owner can be held accountable for injuries suffered as a result of broken stairs, missing porch rails, unlit hallways, defective elevators or escalators, or other dangerous building code violations.

The defendants in a premises liability case can range from private homeowners for dog bite accidents or unsafe sidewalks to major corporations that own or operate hotels, retail stores, amusement parks, or other facilities open to the public. No matter who might be held accountable for your injuries, the premises liability lawyers at Joyce & Bittner have the experience and understanding of negligence law necessary to keep your claim on track.

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