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Food Poisoning And Contaminated Food Products

Taking Action Against Food Contamination

If you pay any attention to the news, you know that the American public is at great risk of food poisoning. The nature of our food supply chain makes food contamination and food poisoning an especially serious problem. Within a matter of days or even hours, contaminated food can be transported all over the country, causing serious illnesses and even death.

For that reason, anyone involved in producing and selling food – from farmers to processors to distributors and even restaurateurs – are responsible for ensuring that the food they sell and that we buy is safe to eat. While there is some government oversight, that regulation and inspection is often not adequate to ensure that our food is safe.

Because government oversight cannot guarantee that food contaminated by conduct of providers won’t make it to consumers, it is essential that we have the option of using the courts to both help those that have been injured and serve as a warning to those responsible for failing to take proper precautions to prevent contamination and food poisoning.

Unsanitary Conditions In The Food Supply Chain

Recently, outbreaks of food poisoning have been reported more and more as factory farms and food production facilities have put out tainted shipments in massive quantities. Contaminated food staples such as peanut butter, cookie dough, spinach and tomatoes have become sources of illness.

When a mass product causes widespread food poisoning, it is important to pursue compensation as early as possible. Even though there may be dozens or hundreds of other victims, the total amount of available compensation may be limited. Act soon, while you still have a chance to recover.

Food Poisoning And Contamination In Restaurants

In addition to mass produced foods, restaurants can also be sources of food poisoning. If you were made sick because of unsanitary conditions or inadequately prepared food in a dining establishment, contact us to see if you have a case that may entitle you to compensation.

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