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Dog Bites Animal Attacks
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Were You Bitten By A Dog? Owners Can Be Held Accountable.

If you or one of your children has suffered a bite or been attacked by an unrestrained or vicious dog, or if you suffered serious injuries from a dog bite while at work on a repair or delivery route, contact the Pennsylvania dog bite lawyers at Joyce & Bittner for a free consultation.

Dog owners are responsible for keeping their pets restrained or supervised. If you have been attacked by a dog while it was loose or unleashed, the owner and their homeowners’ insurance company may be liable to you for negligence. If you were attacked by a vicious dog known to be dangerous while a guest or visitor on the owner’s property, the owner was responsible for warning you of the risks presented by the animal or for preventing it from causing harm.

We Fight For You 

A dog owner may be responsible and therefore liable to compensate you even if you were not actually bitten by the dog. Many times injuries occur while a person is trying to flee from a vicious or attacking animal. Joyce & Bittner has experience in handling what we refer to as these “dog fright” cases.

Many victims of dog bites or other animal attacks are small children, who can suffer permanent scarring, disfigurement or lasting soft-tissue damage as the result of a dog or animal attack. Many adult dog bite victims are delivery or maintenance employees who are exposed to the risk of animal attacks in the daily course of their employment. Another hazard inherent in dog bites is severe infection or illness. Our experience with the recovery of compensation for dog bite injuries will help with your claim for recovery whether you’re the parent of an injured child, or you were injured yourself by an unleashed or vicious dog.

Get Experienced Representation For Your Dog Bite Injury

If you need the representation and advice of an experienced dog bite attorney, contact the personal injury litigation and settlement attorneys at Joyce & Bittner in Pittsburgh by emailing us or calling [nap_phone id=”LOCAL-CT-NUMBER-CTN”].